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Classifying Subjects Classifying, as used in assigning an SSIC, is the  process  of  determining  the  correct  subject group under which correspondence is to be filed. This  is  the  most  important  filing  operation because  it  determines  the  actual  SSIC  assigned  to each  piece  of  correspondence  to  be  filed. Before  classifying  by  subject  a  piece  of correspondence, the RP should carefully read it, analyze its contents, and then select the file code that most closely corresponds to the subject. Sec- tion  III  of  SECNAVINST  5210.11  provides  an alphabetical  listing  of  primary,  secondary,  and tertiary  codes  which  should  be  used  to  initially locate a subject. However, Section I of the same instruction should then be checked to ensure that the  most  accurate  classification  has  been  selected. Coding  Information Coding  is  the  process  of  writing  the  file number (SSIC) on the piece of correspondence to be filed. The SSIC number should be written in the  upper  right  corner  of  the  correspondence.  If the  document  is  to  be  filed  under  the  number assigned   by   its   originator,   the   SSIC   number should  be  circled.  Figure  3-8  shows  an  example of  a  circled  originator’s  SSIC  number. Cross-Reference   Filing Official   correspondence   is   normally   filed under  one  SSIC.  However,  there  are  occasions when  a  subject  pertains  to  more  than  one  file code.   A   system   of   cross-referencing   has   been developed to account for these multiple file code situations. Some correspondence received in the office of the   chaplain   will   have   one   or   more   copies attached. These copies are ideal to use as cross- -reference sheets when needed. They can be filed under  the  appropriate  SSICs  for  the  particular subject  or  subjects  which  are  to  be  cross- -referenced. When a cross-reference is required and additional  copies  of  the  correspondence  are  not received, a Cross-Reference Sheet (DD Form 334, 334a, or 334b) should be used. The DD Form 334 is a single-sheet form; the DD Form 334a is a two- copy form (one original and one carbon); and the DD Form 334b is a three-copy form (one original and  two  carbons). A  letter  that  would  probably  be  filed  under at least three separate SSICs is shown in figure 3-9. Figure 3-10 shows an example of a DD Form 334a  that  would  be  used  for  cross-referencing  this letter. Completion of the cross-reference sheet is accomplished   by   entering   the   following information: Date—the   date   shown   on   the   cor- respondence in figure 3-9 is entered in the space provided.  The  entry  is  “15  January  1983.” Index—the  SSICs  under  which  the  letter is  being  cross-filed  is  entered  in  the  space  pro- vided.   This   entry   is   “1200/12510.” TO—the  addressee  shown  on  the  cor- respondence in figure 3-9 is entered in the space provided.  The  entry  is  “Commanding   Officer, NAVEDTRAPRODEVCEN.” FROM—the   originator   of   the   cor- respondence shown in figure 3-9 is entered in the space provided. The entry is “Office of the Chief of  Chaplains  (OP-09G).” SUMMARY—the   subject   and/or   a   brief description  of  the  correspondence  is  entered  in  the space provided. The entry is “Manpower, military and  civilian—request  for  submission  of  a  sum- mary of billet classifications and position descrip- tions   for   Religious   Program   Specialists   and civilian   secretaries   utilized   in   supporting   the Command  Religious  Program  at  NAVEDTRA- PRODEVCEN.” FILED—the   SSIC   under   which   the original correspondence is filed is entered in the space  provided.  The  entry  is  “5300.” INDEXER—the  initials  of  the  RP  doing the  filing  and  cross-referencing  are  entered  in  the space  provided.  The  entry  is  “rww.” REMARKS—any  pertinent  information may  be  entered  in  the  space  provided.  For  this correspondence   the   entry   is   “Notify   Chief   of Chaplains  (OP-09G)  by  31  March  1983.” NOTE:  After  the  DD  Form  334a  has  been completed, the copies would be filed under SSIC 1200  (Classification  and  Designation—General) and SSIC 12510 (Position Classification and Job Evaluation).  The  original  correspondence  would be filed under SSIC 5300 (Manpower/Personnel). 3-10


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