3.332A Figure 4-4.—Chapter 2 uniform illustration from 1981 edition of United States Navy Uniform Regulations (Female). NAVAL MILITARY PERSONNEL MANUAL (MILPERSMAN) The Naval Military Personnel Manual (NAVPERS 15560) contains instructions governing the administration  of  Navy  personnel.  This  manual  is often referred to by its short title, MILPERSMAN and it    replaced    the    BUPERS-MAN.    Copies    of    the MILPERSMAN    are    normally    maintained    in    the personnel and administrative offices. Each article in the MILPERSMAN is identified by a  seven-digit  number.  The  first  two  digits  identify the chapter; the second two digits identify a section within a chapter; and the last three digits identify an article  within  the  section.  Though  written  together (e.g.,   5820100),   the   article   number   should   be spoken   as   if   it   were   three   separate   groups   of numbers (e.g., 58 20 100). Article numbers are not necessarily   assigned   consecutively   and,   once   a number is deleted, it cannot be reused again. Figure 4-6 was extracted from the 1 January 1982 edition of the MILPERSMAN. Changes   to   the   MILPERSMAN   are   published quarterly.     These     changes     are     scheduled     for distribution in time to reach the majority of users on or  about  the  first  of  each  quarter  of  the  year.  It should  be  noted  that  pen-and-ink  changes  are  not allowed to be made to the MILPERSMAN. 4-5


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