Block   67   (RELIGION)   of   NAVPERS 1070/602  will  have  one  of  the  following  codes entered to indicate the member’s religious affilia- tion  or  preference: RELIGION ABBREVIATION Advent  Christian  Church African   Methodist Episcopal  Church African   Methodist Episcopal   Zion   Church American  Baptist Association American  Baptist  Churches American  Baptist  Churches in  the  USA American  Baptist Convention American   Council   of Christian Churches American  Lutheran Church,  The Anglican   Orthodox Church,  The Asbury  Bible  Churches Assemblies  of  God Associate   Reformed Presbyterian  Church (General  Synod) Associated   Gospel Churches,  The Atheist Baptist Baptist Baptist Bible  Fellowship Churches,  Other General   Conference DA DB DC C A 06 CI CH AO GB BA 04 LA BO 75 BB 10 DD 2-27 RELIGION ABBREVIATION Baptist  Missionary  Associa- tion  of  America Bible  Presbyterian  Church Bible  Protestant  Church Brethren in Christ Fellowship Brethren  Church Buddhism Central  Bible  Church Christian  Church  (Disciples of  Christ) Christian  Churches  and Churches  of  Christ Christian  Crusade Christian  Methodist Episcopal   Church Christian  and  Missionary Alliance Christian—No    Denomina- tional  Preference Christian  Reformed  Church Christian  Science  (First Church  of  Christ,  Scientist) Church  of  Christ Church   of   God Church   of   God   (Anderson, IN) Church  of  God  (Cleveland, TN) Church  of  God  General Conference Church  of  God  in  Christ Church  of  God  in  North America CD BH AB BC 12 14 JT 24 JB BD DE JA 13 DF 16 18 20 DG JC DV 19 DH


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