After  metal  altar  appointments  have  been  cleaned  and  polished,  they should  rehandled  with  gloves  or  apiece  of  cloth  to  prevent  body  oil  from soiling   the   finish.   When   altar   appointments   are   stored,   they   should   be wrapped  in  a  soft  cloth. CUSTODIAL SERVICES FOR CRP FACILITIES As  a  Religious  Program  Specialist,  you  are  responsible  to  the  command chaplain for the religious facilities which are used to conduct divine services. The  appearance  of  these  facilities  is  a  reflection  upon  the  entire  Command Religious  Program  and  must,  therefore,  have  the  best  possible  appearance you  can  give  them.  Custodial  services  are  oftentimes  a  problem,  and frequently,  these  tasks  will  fall  to  the  RP  to  accomplish.  However,  if  the expenditure  of  appropriated  funds*  is  authorized  for  contract  maintenance of  CRP  facilities,  they  should  be  used  for  that  purpose.  Nonappropriated funds*  should  not  be  used  for  custodial  services.  In  the  absence  of  contract custodial  arrangements,  you  must  ensure  that  CRP  facilities  are  properly cleaned  and  maintained  whatever  the  circumstance.  CRP  facilities  must reflect the very best appearance possible. PHYSICAL  SECURITY  OF  CRP  FACILITIES Physical  security  of  CRP  facilities  is  an  important  aspect  of  your  job. Two  factors  serve  to  make  this  responsibility  more  difficult:  the  range  of activities conducted at the chapel and the large numbers of people involved. To ensure that all local security requirements are met, a security checklist should be developed to cover routine, daily security checks, and the security checks  to  be  conducted  after  the  various  activities  are  concluded.  Such  a checklist  should  include,  but  is  not  limited  to: Turning  out  lights. Adjusting   heat/air-conditioning   thermostats. Ensuring  that  doors  and  windows  are  locked. Checking  safety  requirements  for  electric  appliances. Emptying wastebaskets. Removing  fire  hazards. Proper stowing of equipment and supplies, classified and/or sensitive documents. Returning  and/or  accountability  for  keys. Special  attention  must  also  be  given  to  the  security  of  altar  accessories since  they  may  be  of  special  religious  significance  to  worshipers  and  are difficult  and  costly  to  replace.  In  addition,  the  sacramental  wine  and wafers/bread  used  in  the  various  religious  services  must  be  properly  stored and  safeguarded,  not  only  to  prevent  their  unauthorized  use,  but  to  also ensure that they will not be rendered unusable by careless or malicious acts. * Refer to  RP 3 & 2, Module 14 Logistic Support and Financial Control,  for  an  explanation  of these terms. 3-81


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