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Figure 5-13.—Shelf arrangement of books. publishing a  list  of  processed  books  in  the POD  will keep the crew informed about new library books. The card catalog file, as shown in figure 5- 14, is the patrons’ index to the library’s collection. It  lists  each  book  in  the  library  by  author,  title, and  by  subject  for  nonfiction  books  and  gives  the shelf  location  for  each  book  in  the  upper  comer  of the card. The card catalog should be located so it is readily   available   to   library   users.   Interfile   all catalog cards-author, title, and subject— alphabetically  as  shown  in  figures  5-14  and  5-15. File  these  cards  when  the  processed  book  is  put on the shelf.  (These cards should not be allowed to Figure 5-14.—Sample card catalog file. collect  for  filing  since  they  are  of  no  use  to  patrons until they are filed.) The   shelflist   is   an   official   record   of   the library’s  holdings.  It  contains  one  author  card  for each  book  in  the  collection.  Shelflists  are  not  for patron use and should be kept in a secure place. File shelflist   cards   for   fiction   books   alphabetically   by author,  as  shown  in  figure  5-16.  File  shelflist  cards for nonfiction books numerically by class number, as shown in figure 5-17. These files should represent the order   in   which   the   books   are   shelved.   File   the shelflist cards when the processed books are shelved. (Shelflist cards should not collect for later filing.) The shelflist should resemble the sample shown in figure 5-18. Paperback Books Paperbacks   are   furnished   to   the   shipboard library  monthly  to  add  to   the   clothbound   library collection. These materials have a short life-span and are  not  intended  as  permanent  materials  for   the collection.    The    first    or    last    page    of    each paperback should be stamped with an identification   such   as   COURTESY   OF   YOUR SHIP’S LIBRARY, SHARE  WITH  A  SHIPMATE. You or another library staff member will usually shelve 5-13


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